BESCO, the Blaine Engineering Specialty Company, is located in Loreauville, La,situated in the south central area of the state, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. It is housed in a 20,000 square foot  temperature controlled facility.

  Blaine Broussard, founder and president of BESCO, left his plant engineering position with Morton Chemical Company in 1980 and opened a full service company repairing, remanufacturing and manufacturing cables and products for the seismic industry. With a varying staff of 25 - 60 employees, the BESCO shop operation is run by plant manager Lisa Champagne, while the engineering is manned by Professional Engineer Blaine Broussard and Mechanical Engineer Kyle Broussard. BESCO also owns and operates a CNC machine shop and mold manufacturing shop manned by CNC Specialist Chad Stansbury.


  BESCO has designed and manufactured many products such as virtually unbreakable injection molded antennas, which replaced the old fiberglass antennas, phone protector boots, which eliminated the use of tape in attaching phones to cables, geophysical connectors, bridles, takeouts and various other products. Because of these innovative products, BESCO is rapidly becoming a world leader in cable repairs. BESCO currently holds five U.S. Patents relating to siesmic products.

  BESCO also manufactures plastic molding machines, which are sold to customers to be used for cable repairs on ships and remote cable repair facilities throughout the world. BESCO has pressure testing capabilities to test equipment to water depths in excess of 1,000 feet as part of their stringent quality control methods.

"The seismic industry is continually coming up with new methods of running seismograph, it's our aim to develop new products and services to improve those methods."  Blaine Broussard

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